In 1995, to his family’s dismay, 51-year-old Buddy Barnett was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a form of leukemia. Being leary of traditional cancer treatments, he visited a California health institute where he was introduced to the nutritional value and healing properties of a microgreens diet.


Buddy Barnett, founder of Ojai Microgreens


Within weeks of beginning a raw, organic “live foods” diet, Buddy felt himself getting better.

After a few months attending the health insti- tute, he vowed to continue the “superfoods” diet and began growing microgreens in his backyard— eventually growing enough for family and friends, too.

As word spread of Buddy’s healthful lifestyle and microgreen growing operation—one of a few local sources for organic sprouts, wheatgrass and microgreens — demand grew. Buddy added hoop houses for more growing space and, by 1996, was selling at numerous Ventura and Santa Barbara County farmers markets.

Today, Ojai Microgreens-a family-owned, organic style farm—grows more than 20 different sprouts and microgreens for customers who want to add live “superfoods” to their diet.